School, Church, and Home Games

Find all of the games that are contained in the source School, Church, and Home Games

Cat and Mouse
Aviation Meet
Button Button
Hide in Sight
I See Red
Hide the Clock
Poison Seat
Aisle Hunt
New Orleans
Birds Fly
Music Rush
Change Seat Relay
Charlie over the Water
Tap Relay
Ratatat Race
Bowing Race
Spin Around Race
Initial Tag
Magic Music
Hunt the Rattler
Name Race
Frogs in Sea
Corner Spry
Flag Race
Seat Vaulting Tag
Jerusalem Jericho Jemima
Spelling Words
Clapping Song
Indian Trail
Number Relay
Multiplication Race
History Race
Poem Race
Last Man
Change Seats
Relay Run Around
Seeing and Remembering
Jumbled Words
Descriptive Adjectives
Distinguishing Sounds
Guessing Dimensions
Mysterious Articles
Distinguishing by Smell
Art Gallery
Drawing Animals
Historical Pictures
Train of Thoughts
Bowknot Relay
Cooking Race
Spelling Game
Grammar Race
Schoolroom Tag
Chase the Rabbit
Squirrel in Trees
Shadow Tag
Handkerchief Tag
Puss in Corner
Back to Back
Peggy in Ring
Link Race
Maze Tag
Turtle Tag
Roly Poly
Antony Over
Snake and Bird
In and Out
Fox and Rabbit
Chicken Market
Chickidy Hand
Pass Ball
Fox Trail
Weavers Race
Circle Chase
Reuben and Rachel
Channel Tag
Soak em
The Dummy
Oriental Tag
Ball Tag
Couple Tag
Dresden Tag
Fox and Geese
Plug the Hole
Partner Swat Tag
Freight Train Tag
Roll Ball
Take Away
Red White and Blue
Pin Ball
Kick Ball
Hand Baseball
Last Couple Out
Spanish Fly
Tony Says
Twenty Questions
You Know Me
Hide the Thimble
Tit Tat Too
Last Match
Your House, My House
Catechism of States
Step by Step
Spin the Platter
Board and Nail Puzzle
Spinning for 20
Red Triangle Ring Toss
Floor Baseball
Captain Kidd's Gold
Bird Hunt
My Month
Poison Circle
Shoe Hunt
Matching Advertisements
Matching Proverbs
Mixing March
Musical Medley
Puzzled Words
Trip Around the World
Bean Penalty
Biographic Cartoons
Illustrated Songs
Tea Pot
Muddled Words
Who Are They?
Who Is It?
Poor Pussy
Knight of the Cracker
Match Boxing
What Animal?
Rhyming Verbs
Fruit Basket
Barnyard Chorus
Donkey Solo
Shifting Seats
Guess the Sound
Rapid Transit
Feather Tag
Simple Simons Silly Smile
Jacks Alive
Going to Jerusalem
Hindoo Blind Reading
Mental Telepathy
The Paper Artist
Magic Answers
Scissors Crossed
Knights of the Sacred Whistle
Hay Stack
Boots Without Shoes
Newspaper Touch
Coin and Card Snap
Blind Blow
Tricks with Matches
Pigs in Pen
Number Trick
Penny Wise
Reading Temples
Aeroplane Ride
Egg Smash
Musical Notes
Siam Club
Standing Broad Jump
Standing High Jump
Bawl Game
Peanut Relay
Shot Put
Peanut Throw
Head Toss
Duel Tug of War
Discus Throw
Ring the Bell
Chair Tilting
Hammer Throw
Twenty Yard Dash
Running Broad Grin
Light Weight Race
Javelin Throw
One Mile Run
Long Glum
Turtle Race
Elimination Race
Suitable for Sociables and Entertainers
Brick Relay
Chairiot Race
Chair Stubbing
Aviation Meet
Feather Blowing Relay
Balloon Race
Lobster Race
Prune Tug of War
Whistle Race
Cracker Relay
Blindfold Obstacles
Candle Roll Over
Boat Race
Necktie Race
Push Cross Line
Forcing the City Gates
Hare and Hound
Human Targets
Sling the Sack
Game of Goose
Clock Games
Walking Race
Chariot Race
Flathead Race
Spin Around Race
Leap Frog Race
Riding the Snail
Treasure Hunt
Hide and Seek
Look Out for the Bear
Hang Tag
Fox in Hole
Fence Tag
Body Guard
One Step Off and All the Way Across
Wheel Away
Bombardment No. 2
Taking the Heights
Wrestle Tug of War
Referees Hold
Finger Wrestling
One Leg Tug of War
Hog Tie
Cumberland Wrestling
GrecoRoman Wrestling
Shoulder and Arm Push
Squatting Tug
Neck Tug of War
Hand Tug of War
Cane Wrestling
Oysterette Race
Passing the Drink
Earth Air Fire and Water
Around the Chair
Jenkins Up
Malaga Grapes
Table Football
Spearing Peanuts
String Winding Race
Name Writing Race
Candle and Plate Race
The Grand March
The Games for All
The Story"Paul Revere"
"The Red Coats"
"Yankee Doodle Tag"
"Paul Revere Race"
"The Midnight Ride"Quiet Games
Seeing the Old Home Town
A Racket Around the Candy Booth
Egg and Spoon Race
Pea Shelling Race
Needle Threading Race
Button Sewing
Rope Skipping Relay
Rope Skipping Contest
Dizzy Izzy
Caterpillar Race
Potato Race
Apple Race
Apple Race No. 2
Apple Race No. 3
Apple Race No. 4
Apple Toss
Roll Over Relay
Spin Around Relay
Chair Relay
Chair Passing Race
Chair Sitting Race
Squash Race
Poison Club
Club Change
Fan and Bag Race
Quadruped Race
Centipede Race
Blind Chariot Race
Hoop Race