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Red White and Blue

Source: School, Church, and Home Games
Category: SCHOOLYARD GAMES For Advanced and High School Pupils

Two lines are marked upon the ground, about fifteen feet apart. The
group is divided into three equal teams; one team is known as the red,
the other the blue, and the third the white. The blue team takes its
position between the two lines, with the red team beyond one line and
the white beyond the other. A ball or some other soft object easily
thrown is given to the red team. Any member of that team may try to hit
a member of the blue team, with the ball, without stepping over the
line. Should he succeed, it counts one point for the red. Should he
miss and the ball go across to where the white team is stationed, any
member of the white team endeavors to hit one of the blue and scores a
point if successful. Should the ball fail to return to either the red
or the white team, a member of either of those teams may run into the
blue territory to recover it, but must return or toss the ball back to
his team beyond the line before it is again in play. The playing time
of the game is divided into thirds. The reds change places with the
blues in the second third, and the whites with the reds in the last
third. Only the team between the lines is subject to being thrown at.
The team having the most hits to its record at the end of the game,

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