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"Yankee Doodle Tag"

Source: School, Church, and Home Games

The group is divided into two equal teams. Two lines are marked upon
the playing space parallel to each other and about 20 yards apart.
These lines should be long enough to allow all of the expected number
of players to form line upon, shoulder to shoulder. Each team lines up
on a goal line facing in the same direction, Team A facing the center
of the playing space, Team B facing away from the center.

Team A marches forward whistling "Yankee Doodle" maintaining a straight
line until a leader who takes a position near the center of one side of
the playing space raises a hand above his head. This is a signal for
team A to stop whistling, break ranks and run back to their goal line.

Team B, whose backs are toward the advancing column, upon hearing the
whistling stops, turns about and chases after team A, trying to tag as
many of them as possible before they get back to their goal line. Every
member of team A who is tagged becomes a member of team B.

Team B next marches forward whistling as did A, while A waits on their
goal line until the whistling stops, thereupon they turn about and
chase B. The game continues in this way. At the end the team having the
most players is declared the winner.

Note--the leader giving the signal for the whistling to stop should
take a position where the signal cannot be seen by the team waiting to
chase the whistlers.

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