Color In The Garden
In arranging a garden, select flowers which will keep it full...

The Lucky Or Unlucky Slipper.
A slipper is waved three times over the head and then throw...

Wall Pockets
If your garden is very small, but is against a sunny wall, th...

The men are lined up on one side of the room. To each is give...

True-lover Test
Two hazel-nuts are thrown into hot coals by maiden, who secre...

Acting Proverbs
The best way to play this game is for the players to divide t...

Seeing The Old Home Town
Down the line next to the baseball diamond came the bowling a...

Catching The Mouse
The children sit in two rows opposite each other with a space...

Battles Of The United States For Fourth Of July

Source: Games For All Occasions

Try the following: What battle of the United States is

1. A fortified place, to perform and a walking stick?

2. An English coin and the act of directing attention?

3. A royal weight?

4. A teutonic village?

5. Two intoxicants?

6. A feminine proper name and a Roman garment?

7. Inclosures for domestic animals?

8. An English city and a village?

9. What railway porters expect, a consonant and a kind of boat?

10. The village of a female ruler?

11. A male bovine and what people do when it chases them?

12. The residence of "Portia" in the "Merchant of Venice?"

13. A vegetable and a range of hills?

14. An ancient city of Greece?

15. Beautiful forest trees?

16. A number and table utensils?

17. To propel, a forest tree, and a body of land surrounded by water?

18. A judicial officer's village?

19. A dear fortification?

20. A range of hills for burial purposes?


1. Battle of Fort Du Quesne. 2. Crown Point. 3. Princeton. 4.
Germantown. 5. Brandywine. 6. Saratoga. 7. Cowpens. 8. Yorktown. 9.
Tippecanoe. 10. Queenstown. 11. Bull Run. 12. Belmont. 13. Pea Ridge.
14. Corinth. 15. Fair Oaks. 16. Five Forks. 17. Roanoke Island. 18.
Chancellorsville. 19. Richmond. 20. Cemetery Ridge.

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