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Source: School, Church, and Home Games

This is a good game for boys and girls. It has furnished amusement for
many generations of children. Each player must secure a stick about
2-1/2 feet long. An alder stick with a small bend at one end furnishes
an ideal implement for this game. An old baseball or where this is not
procurable, a tin can or a block of wood, may be used. The players are
divided into two teams. Two stones, placed about five feet apart at
each end of the playing space, serve as goals. The playing space should
be about 30 to 50 yards in length. A level stretch of road can be used,
or an open field. The game starts by each team taking a position
anywhere in the half of the field nearest the goal they are defending.

The ball is placed in the centre of the playing space. Two opposing
players, known as centres, take a position on opposite sides of the
ball, within a distance of two feet of it, with the end of their clubs
on the ground. The process of putting the ball into play is called
"facing off". In facing off, the two centres raise their clubs from the
ground and hit them together above the ball. They do this three times
and after hitting them above the ball for the third time, they are
allowed to hit at the ball, endeavoring to knock it towards their own
players or towards the opponent's goal. The game is now on and each
player endeavors to knock the ball, by means of his club, towards and
through the opponent's goal. Swinging the club higher than the shoulder
is barred. Should the ball be knocked outside of the playing space, it
is brought back in and faced off by any two opposing players at a point
well within the playing space, opposite to where it went out of bounds.

A goal counts one point and after each goal the ball is faced off in
the centre. Goals should be changed in the middle of the game, so that
no team may have an advantage over the other because of location of

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