Tea Pot
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Fox And Hound
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Ring Around A Rosy
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Circle Race
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In a general way sheep are not very interesting, especially i...

ESKIMO RACE ON ALL FOURS The performers stand with hands and...

The group forms a circle, linking hands. In the center of the...


Source: School, Church, and Home Games

Five of the group are selected to act out a charade. These five act out
a word in pantomime. While they are doing this a second group of five
is selected and prepares to act out another word, immediately following
the presentation by the first group. The audience is given three
minutes to guess each charade. Should it succeed in doing this, then
the members of the group each choose a substitute for themselves, thus
making a third group of five. While this last group is preparing a
charade, the second group is putting on its pantomime, and so the game
continues. If the audience fails to guess the word within the required
time, then the same group is given an opportunity to act another word.
Good charade words are as follows:

Aeroplane Air-oh-plane
Antarctic Aunt-ark-tick
Buccaneer Buck-can-ear
Charlatan Char-lay-tan
Falcon Fall-con
Handicap Hand-eye-cap
Handkerchief Hand-cur-chief
Microscope My-crow-scope
Automobile Ought-oh-mob-eel
Pilgrimage Pill-grim-age
Sausage Saw-sage
Stiletto Still-let-toe
Bandage Band-age
Stationary Station-airy
Feline Fee-line
Rainbow Reign-beau
Bookworm Book-worm
Handsome Hand-some
Penitent Pen-eye-tent
Cribbage Crib-age
Broomstick Broom-stick
Infancy In-fan-sea
Hornpipe Horn-pipe
Eyelash I-lash
Forswear Four-swear
Masquerade Mass-cur-aid
Melancholy Melon-collie
Pantry Pan-tree
Tennessee Ten-I-see
Antidote Aunt-I-dote
Definite Deaf-in-ate

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