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A Racket Around the Candy Booth

Source: School, Church, and Home Games

Mrs. Peterson, who sells the best bread in town, had charge of the cake
archery. You bought arrows for this, three for ten cents, but you could
not shoot until a dollar's worth of arrows had been sold. Then you took
your turn at the bow and arrow. The arrow which hit nearest the
bull's-eye got the cake, of course, and it was some cake, if it
happened to be one of Abbie Southerland's angel foods.

The Girls' Club had drawn the candy table for their share of the fair,
and a pretty booth they made of it, using all the tennis nets they
could beg, borrow or steal to drape it with and putting up all the
candy in ten-cent packages wrapped in white waxed paper to look like
tennis balls. Someone got funny and asked why there was such a racket
around the candy booth!

The fair lasted three days. What with changing the attractions, keeping
fresh food on the refreshment tables, making special attractions for
children in the afternoons after school by offering prizes for sports
events like sack races, obstacle races, and so on, getting up interest
in golf tournaments and baseball series, the place was kept packed
from three in the afternoon until midnight.

In The Ladies' Home Journal, Jan., 1921. Published with the permission
of the author, Claire Wallis, and The Ladies' Home Journal.

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