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Game of Goose

Source: School, Church, and Home Games

A good sized level field should be used for this game. Two gander
poles, five feet high, are erected, one at each end of the field, each
having two forks at the top, opposite each other. Stout tree crotches
may be used. The goose is made from a stout cloth bag, such as a ham
cover, stuffed, leaving the ends which can be easily grasped. Midway
between the gander poles a large circle is marked upon the ground, its
size being determined by the number playing. Mark a circle six feet in
diameter around each gander pole to designate the safety limit.

The group is divided into two equal teams. These two teams are arranged
with their men placed alternately around the circle in the centre of
the field. The gander man stands in the centre of the circle with the
goose in his hand. At a given signal he swings around and tosses the
goose in the air to be received in the arms of some lucky player, who
immediately dashes off with it towards his goal. The opponent players
endeavor to intercept him and get the goose away from him. When the man
carrying the goose is in danger of losing it, he tosses it to some one
on his own side, if he can, and the player catching it runs towards his
goal. If the second player cannot succeed in making his goal or gander
post, he tosses it on to some other member on his team. The player who
succeeds in getting both feet inside of the safety circle around the
gander pole must not be molested, unless he lets the goose fall to the
ground in his attempt to hang it in one of the crotches of the gander
pole, in which case he or his team mates may recover it or any one of
the opposing team may seize the bird and dash away with it towards his
own pole. There must be no scrimmage over the possession of the bird,
for as soon as an opponent gets hold of the goose, the player holding
the latter must let go his hold. One must not trip an opponent or
interfere by body, arm, or leg contact without forfeiting one "honk."
Three honks count one goose (or goal) for the opposite side.

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