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The Collie

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes
Category: PETS

The reputation for uncertain temper which collies have is not well
grounded. They are excitable, it is true, and apt to snap if you romp
too long and wildly with them, and they do not take correction kindly;
but people who have owned many specimens of this beautiful breed
testify to having found them always loving and sagacious. A collie
should always belong to one person; many masters make him too
universal in his affections, and under these circumstances he does not
develop intelligently. The collie at work is the wisest of dogs, he
knows each individual sheep in his care, and in snow or mist will
bring every one to the fold before he rests.

Collies may be taught to play hide-and-seek--a game they are very fond
of. First hide a ball in the room and help the dog to find it, and by
degrees he will find anything by himself and will seek all over the
house and garden. Among bad habits many collies have the serious one
of running round and barking at horses. This should be checked by
keeping the dog strictly to heel where he is likely to meet any

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