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Source: Games for Everybody

Partners may be chosen for this game by writing names referring to
ladies on one set of papers like, "Judy," "Jill," "Juliet," and names
referring to men on another set of papers like, "Punch," "Jack,"
"Romeo." Hand each guest a slip of paper with the name on it and each
one hunts for his partner.

When all the partners are found, the leader announces that at a given
signal all the ladies are to talk to their partners for five minutes
about household affairs, shopping, or fashions. Each man listens
attentively to his partner, and when the five minutes are up, he has
to write a short account of her conversation, on paper, which the
hostess provides. Five minutes is allowed for this.

Then the men talk to the ladies for five minutes about business
affairs, stocks, law, building or medicine, and it is the ladies' turn
to write a short composition of what she heard.

The papers are collected, the hostess reads them, and a prize is
awarded to the best or most amusing account.

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