Itiskit Itasket
_10 to 30 or more players._ _Indoors; out of doors._ ...

Indian Trail
A pupil is blindfolded and placed in the front of the room. O...

Criss-cross Goal
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Third Man
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Third Slap

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_5 to 30 or more players._

_Playground; gymnasium; schoolroom._

The players should be divided into groups of from five to ten each.
One in each group is chosen to be It; the others line up in front of
him, all standing at a distance of from thirty to fifty feet from a
goal previously decided on. The players in the line hold their hands
extended forward the length of the forearm, the elbows being bent and
touching the sides; the palms should be turned downward.

The one who is It tries to slap the hands of any of the players, who
may evade him by bending the hands downward, upward, or sideways, at
the wrist, but may not withdraw the arm or change the position of the
elbow. Any player who receives three slaps, whether on one or both
hands, immediately upon receiving the third slap, chases the one who
is It toward the goal. Should the slapper be caught before he reaches
the goal, he must continue as before, but if he succeeds in reaching
the goal in safety, he changes places with his pursuer, who becomes
It, or slapper, for the next round.

This game may have much sport in it if the one who is taking
the part of slapper be very alert and agile in his movements,
dodging quickly from one player to another, and making many
false moves to throw the players off their guard as to where he
is going to strike next. This game is very popular with
children, and is an amusing diversion for young people for
house parties.

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