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Sun And The Planet Taw

Source: The Book Of Sports

This is an entirely new game, and consists of the Sun in the centre,
which may be represented by a bullet, because the sun is the most
ponderous body of the system, and will in this game be required to move
slowly. The planets moving round him, with their satellites, I represent
by marbles. Now, each boy must take the place of a planet; and having
taken it, he is required to put down as many marbles as there are
satellites belonging to it. The boy who plays Mercury, puts down only
one for his planet; the boy who plays Venus does the same; he who plays
the Earth, has to put down one for the Earth, and one for the Moon, its
satellite; the boy who plays Mars puts down Mars and the four satellites
that lie between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter; the boy who plays
Saturn puts down one for the planet, and draws a ring round it, outside
of which he puts the seven satellites in any position he chooses; the
boy who plays the planet Herschel, puts down one for the planet, and six
for the satellites. Each boy, having taken his place in this manner,
lays down his taw on any part of the orbit of his planet he pleases,
being the point from which he must make his first shot.

The rules of the game are very easy; but it is necessary to be perfectly
acquainted with them, as it saves much trouble, and prevents disputes;
and no one ought to play till he understands them tolerably well.

1. The players must each put his marble into a hat, and turn down the
hat over the sun; then, as the marbles fall near or far from the sun,
the planets are taken.

2. The player who puts in Mercury has the first shot.

3. No planet can be taken till the Sun has been struck beyond the orbit
of Mercury.

4. The player who strikes the Sun beyond the orbit of Mercury, receives
from the person who holds the orbit, as many marbles as there are
planets or satellites in the orbit in which it stops.

5. The orbits are,--for Mercury, all the space between the Sun and him;
for Venus, the space between Venus and Mercury; for the Earth, the space
between the Earth and Venus; for Mars, the space between Mars and the
Earth; for Jupiter, the space between Jupiter and Mars; for Saturn, the
space between Saturn and Jupiter; for Herschel, the space between
Herschel and Saturn.

6. If a player succeeds in knocking the Sun on the line of his own
orbit, he receives one from every shooter so long as it remains there.

7. If the Sun is knocked against a planet, the player doing so has to
pay two to the owner of the planet.

8. If the Sun be struck within the orbit of a planet, the player
striking it receives one if for Herschel, two for Saturn, three for
Jupiter, four for Mars, five for the earth, six for Venus, and seven for

9. The player who succeeds in knocking the Sun beyond the orbit of
Herschel, wins the game; that is, he receives one from each player, and
all the marbles on the stake in the inner circle.

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