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Source: Outdoor Sports and Games

A game of ball played by two opposing teams of twelve players each.
The lacrosse field is a level piece of ground with net or wire goals
at each end. The players strive to hurl the ball into their opponents'
goal by means of a lacrosse stick or "crosse." This is a peculiar bent
stick with a shallow gut net at one end. It somewhat resembles a
tennis racket, but is more like a snowshoe with a handle. The game
originated with the Indians and is much played in Canada.

In playing, the ball must not be touched with the hands, but is hurled
from one player to another by the "lacrosses" until it is possible to
attempt for a goal. It is also passed when a player is in danger of
losing the ball.

Lacrosse sticks cost from two to five dollars each and are made of
hickory with rawhide strings. The players wear specially padded gloves
to protect the knuckles. The usual uniform for lacrosse is a
tight-fitting jersey and running trousers.



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