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Source: Games for Everybody

For obtaining partners, fill a pumpkin rind with nuts, which have been
opened, had the meat taken out, some token of the fate placed inside,
and glued together again with a ribbon attached to each. Those drawing
nuts having the same colored ribbon are partners. The one whose nut
has a ring in, is to be married next; if a coin, he is to be the most
wealthy; if a thimble, a spinster all her life. The other nuts may
have slips of paper with prophecies written on them.

A bag filled with nuts may be tied up tightly and hung in a
doorway. One of the players is blindfolded and given a stick with
which he is to hit the bag as hard as he can, thus breaking it, and
scattering the nuts on the floor. The one who succeeds in gathering
the greatest number of nuts will be the luckiest during the year.

Fill two large pans with sawdust. Bury in one pan pieces of paper
bearing a rhyme about one's future, these can be about the ladies for
the men to draw, and in the other pan verses for the ladies to
draw. The papers are folded up tightly. The ladies and gentlemen take
turns putting in their thumbs. As soon as a verse is found it is read

Example for the men to draw:

"Medium height, eyes of blue,
Charming girl is awaiting you."

For the ladies:

"Tall and slight, with red hair,
Fond of walking and fresh air."



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