Sow a few seeds of lettuce very thinly in a line once every t...

"yankee Doodle Tag"
The group is divided into two equal teams. Two lines are mark...

The players divide themselves into ladies and gentlemen, if t...

Suitable For Sociables And Entertainers
These stunts may be used as a means of amusement at social ...

Paper Mats
Take a square piece of thin paper (Fig. 1), white or color...

Water Experiment
A laughable experiment consists in filling mouth with water a...

Catch Of Fish
_10 to 30 or more players._ _Playground; gymnasium._ ...

New Orleans
The players are divided into two groups--A and B. One group (...

Dogs: Their Care And Food

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes
Category: PETS

All dogs need plenty of exercise; indeed it is scarcely possible to
give them too much when once they are over six months of age. After
twelve months they can follow a horse, but a bicycle as a rule is too
fast for a dog, and the excessive exertion is likely to make them ill.
Plenty of fresh air and freedom are necessary, and your dog should
never be chained except at night, when he should have a snug bed away
from any draught. The house is the best place for a dog to sleep, but
should he live in a kennel it must be a roomy one, filled two or three
times a week with clean straw and raised from the ground about six
inches so that it will keep dry. Kennels with runs in front are the
best, as then the dog need never be chained. In these there should be
a wooden bench for him to lie on, sheltered by a sloping roof. An
earthenware trough of clean water he must always have, and most dogs
will do best if they are fed twice a day: a light breakfast of
biscuit or brown bread and a good dinner of scraps or dog-biscuit
soaked in gravy with vegetables and plenty of rice. A rounded leather
collar is best for dogs with long hair, as it does not show so much or
spoil the coat, but for smooth-coated dogs a flat plain collar is

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