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Source: Games for Everybody

Suspend a large Christmas wreath in a doorway at a convenient height
from the floor. Prepare in advance "snowballs," made of cotton batting
covered with white tissue paper.

The players stand about eight feet from the wreath, and take turns,
one at a time. Each is given three "snowballs," and the one who
succeeds in throwing all three, one at a time, through the wreath, is
given the prize.

To make it more exciting, sides may be chosen, and each one of the
three snowballs numbered, one being 5, the other, 10, and the third,
20. If the ball numbered 5 goes through, it counts 5 for that player's
side. If it does not go through, it is a loss, and so on. The side
scoring the most points is victorious.

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