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Source: Games for Halloween

Long bright colored strings, of equal length are twined and
intertwined to form a web.

Use half as many strings as there are guests.

Remove furniture from center of a large room--stretch a rope around
the room, from corner to corner, about four feet from the floor. Tie
one end of each string to the rope, half at one end and half at one
side of the room; weave the strings across to the opposite end and
side of the room and attach to rope. Or leave furniture in room and
twine the strings around it.

Each guest is stationed at the end of a string and at a signal they
begin to wind up the string until they meet their fate at the other
end of it.

The lady and gentleman winding the same string will marry each other,
conditions being favorable; otherwise they will marry someone else.
Those who meet one of their own sex at the other end of the string
will be old maids or bachelors.

The couple finishing first will be wedded first.

A prize may be given the lucky couple, also to the pair of old maids
and the pair of bachelors finishing first.



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