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Change Seats
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Hide The Thimble.
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These preliminary exercises having been practised, the young ...

Perplexing Hunt
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Source: Games for Everybody

There are several ways of playing this game, here are two. Provide
each guest with a little paper book to represent a guide book and a

Articles of all kinds have been scattered around the room to represent
different countries, states, or cities. A little package of tea
suggests China; a paper fan, Japan; a piece of cotton batting,
Louisiana; a wooden shoe, Holland; a stein, Germany; and so on. Allow
a certain length of time for the guesses, then collect the little
books, and the player who has guessed the greatest number correctly
receives a prize.

Another way. The players sit in a circle, Number One names some place
beginning with the letter A, and asks No. 2 what he shall do
there. No. 2 answers in words beginning with A, and he, in turn names
a city commencing with B, and asks No. 3 the question. Thus each
player must answer the question of his neighbor, and name another

For example:

"I am going to America, what shall I do there?"

"Admire Astrakhan Apples. I am bound for Boston, what shall I do

"Bake beans and brown bread. My journey takes me to Chicago, what
shall I do there?"

"Catch cold," etc., etc.


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