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Square Ball

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium
Category: BALL GAMES

_8 to 32 players._

_Playground; gymnasium._

_Basket ball._

The ground is marked out in one large square with a base at
each corner, and, should there be enough players, with bases at
intervening points along the line of the square.

The players are divided into two equal parties, one of
which takes places on the bases at the corners or other points
outlining the square; the other party assembles in the center of the
square and is on the defensive.

The ball is thrown from one to another of the party on the
bases, always, however, following the lines of the square and not its
diagonals. The chief object of the game, however, is for this outer
party to interrupt this circuit of the ball by suddenly throwing it so
as to hit one of the center players. The object of any center player
who is hit is, in his turn, to hit with the ball any member of the
outer party, who all turn and flee as soon as a center man is hit.

The ball is started at any point among the outer
party or basemen. This party will use considerable finesse in
throwing, such as apparent attempts to throw the ball around the
square, thus misleading the center players as to their intention and
taking them unaware when aiming for the center. The more rapidly the
ball is kept in motion the better. The center party, in their turn,
will find it advisable to scatter considerably, which will diminish
the chances of being hit. They will also avoid proximity to any player
in the outer party who happens to have the ball. The center party will
thus have to be very alert and keep moving considerably, even when the
ball is not directed at them. The ball may be avoided by dodging,
jumping, stooping, or any other maneuver except by leaving the square.

Whenever a center player is hit by the ball, the outer party are in
danger of being hit in turn, and must all run immediately in any
direction to avoid this. A center player who is hit picks up the ball
as quickly as he can and calls "Halt!" When this call is heard the
fleeing runners must stand still, and the center player, who now holds
the ball, tries to hit one of them with it.

The scoring of the game is done entirely according to whether
the center player hits or misses his opponent in this throw of the
ball after he has called a halt. Every player thus hit scores one for
the center party. Every throw made and missed under these
circumstances scores one for the opponents or outside party. The party
wins which first scores twenty-five.

This game is also played without score, any member of the outer party
hit by a center man being obliged to join the center party. In this
form the game ends when all of the outer players have been so

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