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Maze Tag

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

(Line Tag; Right Face)

_15 to 100 players._

_Playground; gymnasium; house party._

All but two of the players stand in parallel lines or ranks, one
behind the other, with ample space between each two players and each
two ranks; all the players in each rank clasp hands in a long line.
This will leave aisles between the ranks, and through these a runner
and chaser make their way.

The sport of the game consists in sudden changes in the direction of
the aisles, brought about by one player who is chosen as leader and
stands aside, giving the commands, "Right face!" or "Left face!" at
his discretion. When one of these commands is heard, all of the
players standing in the ranks drop hands, face in the direction
indicated, and quickly clasp hands with the players who are then their
neighbors on the right and left. This brings about a change of
direction in the aisles, and therefore necessitates a change of
direction in the course of the two who are running.

The success of the game depends largely upon the judgment of the
leader in giving the commands, "Right (or left) face!" They should be
given quickly and repeatedly, the leader often choosing a moment when
the pursuer seems just about to touch his victim, when the sudden
obstruction put in his way by the change in the position of the ranks
makes necessary a sudden change of direction on his part. The play
continues until the chaser catches his victim, or until a time limit
has expired. In either case two new players are then chosen from the
ranks to take the places of the first runners.

It is a foul to break through the ranks or to tag across the clasped

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