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Source: Outdoor Sports and Games

A game played over an extensive piece of ground which is divided into
certain arbitrary divisions called holes. A golf course is usually
undulating with the holes laid out to afford the greatest possible
variety of play. The ordinary course consists of either nine or
eighteen holes from 100 to 500 yards apart. An ideal course is about
6000 yards long. The holes which mark the termination of a playing
section consist of tin cans 4 inches in diameter sunk into and flush
with the level of the surrounding turf, which is called "the putting
green." The game is played with a gutta-percha ball weighing about
1-3/4 ounces and with a set of "clubs" of various odd shapes and for
making shots under various conditions. Usually a boy accompanies each
player to carry his clubs. Such boys are called "caddies." The clubs
are peculiarly named and it is optional with each player to have as
many clubs as he desires. Some of the more common ones are called
"driver," "brassie," "cleek," "iron," "mashie," "niblick," "putter,"
and "lofting iron."

The game, which may be played by either two or four players, consists
in endeavouring to drive the ball over the entire course from hole to
hole in the fewest possible number of strokes. At the start a player
takes his position on what is called the "teeing ground" and drives
the ball in the direction of the first hole, the position of which is
shown in the distance by a flag or tin sign with a number. Before
driving he is privileged to place the ball on a tiny mound of earth or
sand which is called a "tee." The players drive in order and then
continue making shots toward the hole until finally they have all
"holed out" by "putting" their balls into the hole, and the lowest
score wins the hole.

Golf is a game in which form is more essential than physical strength
and which is adapted for elderly people as well as the young. The
wooden clubs are usually made with either dogwood or persimmon heads
and with split hickory handles or shafts. The handles are usually
wound with a leather grip. Golf clubs of good quality will cost from
two to three dollars apiece and a set for most purposes will consist
of four to six clubs. The caddy bag to carry the clubs is made of
canvas or leather and will cost from two dollars up. Standard quality
golf balls will cost about nine dollars a dozen. Almost any
loose-fitting outdoor costume is suitable for playing golf and the
tendency in recent years is to wear long trousers in preference to
what are known as "golf trousers."

A golf course--sometimes called a "links," from a Scotch word meaning
a flat stretch of ground near the seashore--should be kept in good
condition in order to enjoy the game properly. The leading golf clubs
maintain a large force of men who are constantly cutting the grass,
repairing damages to the turf, and rolling the greens. For this reason
it is a game only adapted to club control unless one is very wealthy
and can afford to maintain private links.



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