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Source: Games for Everybody

On the sixth of January, Twelfth Night was celebrated in the olden
times. Then all the pastry cooks did their finest baking and decked
their windows with marvelous productions of cakes.

If a party is being planned for this day invite your guests to come
dressed as cakes. Just the ladies will do this and the men can wear
miniature cooking utensils if they choose.

Give each lady a number and each man a pencil and slip of paper. The
men must guess what cakes the ladies represent and write their answers
with the corresponding numbers on the paper.

When all the cakes have been guessed the correct list is read by the
hostess and the one having the largest number of correct answers may
be awarded a prize.

A prize may also be awarded to the lady attired in the best
representation. One dressed in dark brown would suggest "chocolate
cake"; another in orange-colored cheesecloth, "orange cake"; another
with wreaths of raisins, currants and citron, suggest "fruit cake";
while one in just a plain dress with no signs suggestive of any cake
may be "lady cake"; another carrying a hammer and pounding it whenever
she saw fit, suggests "pound cake."



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