Tug Of War
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Five of the group are selected to act out a charade. These fi...

Barley Sugar
1 lb. powdered sugar. The white of an egg. 1/2 a pint...

Jack Be Nimble
Place a small object eight to ten inches high upright on the ...

Give each player a pencil and paper. Ask each to write the na...

Fox Trail Double Rim
(Fox and Geese; Half Bushel) .) _3 to 30 or more pl...

Twos And Threes Or Terza
A very good picnic game. All the players except two form a la...

Water Experiment
A laughable experiment consists in filling mouth with water a...


Source: Outdoor Sports and Games

The national game of America. (See chapter on baseball.) The game is
played by eighteen persons, nine on a side, called "nines." The
positions are pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, third base,
shortstop, right-field, left-field, centre-field. The first six
positions are called the in-field, and the last three, the out-field.
The diamond or field where the game is played is a square plot of
ground with sides ninety feet long. At each corner of the square are
bases called first, second, third and home plate. A game consists of
nine innings, in each of which both teams have an opportunity to bat
the ball and to score runs. The players bat in turn and attempt to
reach the various bases without being put out by their opponents. Each
year the rules are changed in some slight particulars, consequently a
beginner in baseball must be thoroughly familiar with the rules of the
game before attempting to play. The pitcher attempts to pitch the ball
over the home plate to the catcher and the batsman endeavours to hit
it. If the ball after being hit is caught by one of the opposing
players, or if it is thrown to the base to which the batsman is
running before he reaches the base, he is "out." Otherwise he is
"safe" and will try to make the next base. If he completes the circuit
of the four bases without being put out, he scores a run for his team
or nine. When a player makes the entire circuit without being forced
to stop for safety he makes a "home run." A hit which gains him a
single base only is called a "base hit." Similarly if he reaches
second base it is a "two-bagger," and third base, a "three-bagger."

After three players are put out, the other side has its "innings," and
at the completion of nine full innings the side having scored the
greatest number of runs is the winner. The game of baseball has become
very scientific and the salaries of professional players are almost as
high as those of the highest salaried men in business life.

The ball used in the game is made of the best all wool yarn with a
horsehide cover and a rubber centre. Baseball bats are usually made of


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