Except in very dull streets shop-windows can be always entert...

Hop Step And Jump
This is a change from ordinary racing. The competitors, inst...

Kitty White
_10 to 30 or more players._ _Indoors; out of doors._ ...

Melting Lead
Each person melts some lead and pours it through a wedding-ri...

A small block of wood pointed at both ends is used in this ga...

Laying Out The Ground
30 yds. +-----------------...

Splitting Rails
Guests are to be supplied with pencils and papers containing ...

Pass Ball Relay
_10 to 100 players. Playground; gymnasium. Basket ball....


Source: Outdoor Sports and Games

A game similar to Rugby football except that it more closely resembles
what its name implies and kicking predominates. A round,
leather-covered ball is used and the game is considered to be much
safer than our college football. Efforts consequently have been made
to introduce the game into American colleges because of its less
dangerous character. As there is practically no tackling or falling,
the "soccer" uniform does not require the same amount of padding as a
Rugby player's uniform. The game is ordinarily played in running
trousers with a full sleeved shirt and special shoes with leather pegs
or cleats. The stockings are rolled down just below the knee. The
association football goal net into which the ball is kicked is
fastened to the ground and is made of tarred rope. Thus far, the game
has not been very popular in America, although a number of exhibition
match games have recently been played by visiting English teams which
attracted considerable attention. As a game, soccer is fast and
exciting, and splendid opportunities are given for team work; but for
some reason it has not succeeded in displacing our American game of
Rugby, although possibly it is more interesting for the spectator.


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