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Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_10 to 30 or more players._

_Playground; house party._

This is a game of hide and seek that reverses some of the usual
methods of playing the game. The player chosen to be It, instead of
blinding goes out himself to hide, while all of the other players stay
at the goal. While one of their number counts one hundred, they must
all either blind their eyes or be shut in one room to give the hider a
fair chance. After counting, they shout "One hundred!" and all start
out to hunt for the hider. Any player discovering him must, after
making sure that none of the others observe him, hide in the same
place with the hider. If necessary, he must linger near until there is
opportunity to do this without being discovered. If there should not
be room to hide in the same place, the finder must take a seat in
plain sight near the hiding place. Sometimes a large number of players
will be seated in a room or in a group out of doors, while the last
unfortunate hunters try to locate some clever hiding place which is
obviously near but hard to detect. Of course it is better for the
players to actually hide with the first hider, if practicable, which
probably suggested, on occasion, being "packed in like sardines."

This is one of the most interesting house party games for young people
for either out of doors or within.

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