Severed Flowers
Cut from colored cloth or paper a number of petals for formin...

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team. The one in the fr...

Oats And Beans And Barley
All the children form a ring with the exception of one player...

Changing Places
All players but one stand in a circle of about seven yards or...

Even More Ciphers Codes And Keys


In this clock...

In running, as the swiftness of the motion steadies the body ...

Square Ball
_8 to 32 players._ _Playground; gymnasium._ _Basket b...

Bead Furniture
Chairs can be made with wire, beads, a little silk or cott...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes
Category: PETS

Parrots are most companionable pets, and, next to a dog, quite the
most interesting and intelligent. They are always cheerful: whistling,
singing, and talking. The gray parrot is the best talker, and speaks
much more distinctly than any other kind, but the Blue-fronted Amazon
is more amusing and far better-tempered as a rule. These birds are
very beautiful, with bright green plumage and touches of yellow and
red, and a blue patch on the forehead. The best food for parrots is
parrot seed, on which they may be fed entirely, and they should never
be allowed dainties except nuts, fruit, and a little piece of sugar.
In the summer time sprinkle your parrot with water through a fine hose
every morning, but in the winter do so only when he asks for a bath by
trying to get into the water basin. As to talking, parrots will pick
up far more readily any words they hear by accident than any that you
set yourself to teach them. They will also get by heart in this way a
few bars of a whistled tune. When parrots are apparently spiteful it
often proceeds much more from nervousness than from vice. If
frightened they will peck anything near them. It is important to have
a thick baize cover for your parrot's cage, and to put this over it
directly the lamps are lit.

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