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Prisoners' Base

Source: The Book Of Sports

To play this, there must be a number of boys, not less than eight or
ten, and as many more as can be got together. To commence it, two
semicircles are drawn against a wall or hedge at the opposite sides of
the playground. These are called the BOUNDS.

Two other spaces are then marked out a little away from these to the
right or to the left. These places are called the PRISONS.

The game is commenced by a player from one side running out midway
between the bounds or prisons, a player from the other side immediately
following to capture him; one from the other side follows after the
second to capture him, and so on, both parties sending out as many as
they think fit. The object of each player is to intercept and touch any
player of the opposite side _who has left his bounds before him_, but he
is not at liberty to touch any that have started after him; it being
their privilege, if they can, to touch _him_ before he gets back to his
own bounds. A player must touch only one person each time he leaves
bounds, and cannot be touched by another after he has taken a prisoner.
Every player who is touched, must go to the prison belonging to his
adversaries, where he must remain until one of his own side can touch
him; and prisoners can neither touch nor be touched in their return to
their own bounds again. The game is won by that side which has taken all
the other party prisoners.

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