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Duck On A Rock
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Old Soldier
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Throwing The Ball

Source: Games Without Music For Children

One child holds the ball in her hand and stands at a little distance
from the wall against which it is to be thrown. The other children are
gathered near in a group or semi-circle. When all are ready, the
children say:--

Throw the ball against the wall,
Then we'll listen for your call.

The child who is holding the ball replies:--

'One, two, three, Pollie Burton' (supposing that to be the name of the
child called), and throws the ball, all the children running off except
the one whose name was mentioned. If the latter is successful in
catching the ball, it is returned to the girl who had it first and the
game is repeated, another name being substituted. If the ball is not
caught, the child who was called picks it up and runs after the other
children until she manages to hit some one with it. The child who is hit
picks up the ball and all return to the starting place. The lines are
again repeated and the game proceeds as before.

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