In climbing the rope, the hands are to be moved one above ...

Out For A Picnic
Pack your baskets. Hang them over your arm. Run down to the s...

Nuts To Crack
Pass pencils and paper to each guest with the following writt...

_10 to 60 or more players._ _Indoors; out of doors._ ...

Balloon Ball
_10 to 60 players._ _Schoolroom._ _Inflated balloon._...

Brick Relay
Have four contestants to a team and as many teams as there is...

Guess Who
Two files, A and B, stand on opposite sides of the room, faci...

Scrapbooks For Hospitals
Children that are ill are often too weak to hold up a large b...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

Bees swarm on hot days in the early summer, usually in a tree, but
sometimes in a room, if the window is open, and often in a bush, quite
close to the ground. When they swarm in a tree you would think a black
snow-storm was raging all around it. Every moment the cluster of bees
grows larger and larger, until, after half an hour or so, it is quiet.
Then the swarm has to be taken. This is the most interesting part, but
you must be careful not to be too near in case an accident occurs and
the bees become enraged and sting you.

If the farmer has the new wooden hives with a glass covering he will
very likely let you peep in and see the bees at work. Before doing
this you certainly ought to read something about their exceedingly
wonderful ways. One of the best books is Sir John Lubbock's (Lord
Avebury's) Ants, Bees, and Wasps, but most encyclopaedias contain
very interesting articles on the subject.

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