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Getting Ready For Bed

Source: Games Without Music For Children

This game may be used for a class of children, or for a few only. In the
former case, the majority of the scholars would, of course, be

Half a dozen boys and girls should be playing in different parts of the
room; one might be drawing, another building, and a third looking at a
picture-book; or they might all be joining to play a game together. A
big girl or the teacher represents the elder sister, who repeats (or
sings to the tune of 'The Campbells are Coming') the four lines

Come, children, get ready for bed, bed, bed,
And sister must wash you, as mother said,
The hands and the faces will all be clean,
Such nice, happy children, shall ne'er be seen.

The children instantly put toys and books away in their proper places,
and reply:

Some folks they do cry, when they're washed, oh dear! dear!
Pray where do they live? We do not want them here.
Merry, happy little children, come and get well scrubbed,
But do not cry when you are washed and rubbed.

The 'sister' pretends to wash all the children; then they say:

Some folks they do cry when they're told, 'Time for bed,'
Some folks pout and say, 'Oh! let me play instead.'
Merry, happy little children, laughing go away,
Good-night, good-night, we'll play another day.

The children go out of the room kissing hands to those who are left, or
to the elder 'sister.'

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