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The Breakfast Party

Source: Games Without Music For Children

This game may be played immediately after the one preceding, or it may
be used alone. The children seat themselves at the table, the 'Mother'
sitting at one end and the 'Father' at the other. When all the cups are
filled and passed, the following lines are repeated:

1. [1]Little hands are folded while the grace is said,
'Father, God, we thank Thee for our daily bread.'

2. [2]Let us stir our coffee, softly, gently, so,
[3]Then the spoon in saucer quietly must go.

3. When you eat and drink, dears, do not make a noise,
[4]Pass things to each other, little girls and boys.

[If there is a piano in school, a little music
might be played while breakfast is in progress.]

4. When we finish breakfast, [5]hands in lap lay we,
Elbows on the table, that should never be!

[1] Fold hands and bow head.

[2] Stir coffee.

[3] Place spoon in saucer.

[4] Pass bread and butter to each other.

[5] Fold hands in lap.

(For Dinner and Tea Table songs, see Appendix I.)

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