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Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes
Category: PETS

Pigeons are not exactly pets, for they rarely do more than come to you
for their food, just as chickens do, but they are beautiful creatures
and no country roof is quite complete without them, and a dove-cot is
a very pretty and homely old-fashioned object. Usually, however, the
birds are given a portion of a loft. Whatever the nature of their
home, it must have separate compartments for each pair of pigeons and
must be warm. If a loft is used there should be sand or gravel on the
floor, with a little lime to assist the formation of the shells of the
pigeons' eggs. The place should be kept clean, and you must guard
against rats and cats. Pigeons eat peas and pigeons'-beans and most
kinds of grain. If they fly loose they will find out other food, such
as green meat, for themselves. But if you keep them at home you ought
to give them some. They should have a dish of water in a regular
place. New pigeons should be shut up by wiring in their house for a
fortnight before you give them their liberty, or they will fly away.
They do not care for hay or straw in their boxes, but will make a nest
in their own way when they need one. Pigeons are of many kinds, the
commonest of which is perhaps the Runt, and the prettiest a white
Fantail. Any one who takes up pigeons except merely for the pleasure
of owning one or two should read up the subject carefully.

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