A soap-bubble race is easy to arrange and very good fun. An o...

Some More Fates.
In addition to the regulation "bobbing for apples," "floati...

Arrange all the children except one on chairs or a bench. T...

Potato Race
Two peach baskets and two potatoes, stones or blocks of wood ...

The Little Dutch Band
The players sit or stand around the room in a circle. The lea...

A variation of this can be played with common large nails and...

The Love Alphabet
In this game you go through the alphabet, applying adjectives...

Hold Fast! Let Go!
For this game the company must divide themselves into parties...

Paper French And English

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

"French and English," another game for two, belongs to the family of
"Noughts and Crosses," and can be played anywhere and on any scrap of
paper. You first decide which will be English and which French. Each
player then takes one-half of the paper and covers it with, say, sixty
dots. It does not matter how many, but there must be the same number
on each side. Then in a corner each draws a cannon, or draws something
that can be called a cannon for the purposes of the game. You then
decide how many turns you will have. The game is played by placing the
pencil on the cannon, shutting your eyes, and dashing the pencil
across your enemy's side of the paper, straight or crooked, in any
direction you like. Then you open your eyes, count how many dots the
pencil line has passed through, and score them down. The player who,
at the end of the number of turns settled upon, has gone through the
greatest number of dots is the winner.

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