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Motions Of The Planets And Their Satellites

Source: The Book Of Sports

10. When a planet is knocked out of the outer ring (the orbit of
Herschel), it belongs to him who strikes it out: the loser must replace
it by putting a marble down in its _original_ place.

11. When a planet is struck within the orbit of any other planet, the
player striking it there has to pay him to whom the orbit belongs, as
many marbles as there are satellites.

12. Should a player's taw, after it has struck another taw, a planet, or
a satellite, fall into its own orbit, he has to put one in the inner
ring as stakes for the winner of the game.

13. If a player gets his taw within the inner ring, it must remain there
for the winner, and he cannot play any more.

14. If a player has all his satellites taken, he then becomes a Comet,
and can shoot from any part of any of the orbits every time the Sun is

15. No player can shoot at his own planet or satellite.

16. Any player who strikes a planet or satellite within Saturn's ring,
forfeits three to the inner circle. If he strikes the Sun, then he may
take up Saturn and all his satellites remaining within his orbit.

17. After the first shot, every player must shoot from the place at
which his taw rests.

* * * * *

Such are the laws of Sun and Planet Taw, and it will be found that in
playing the game, some degree of thought is requisite, and a little
calculation respecting the moves. It may be judicious for a good shooter
to keep the Sun within the orbits as long as possible; or till such time
as the inner ring gets _fat_ with the forfeitures, or he may drive him
from orbit to orbit where the forfeitures are large. He will endeavour
to place him on the line of his own orbit. He may also strive to place
his adversaries' taws within the inner ring, and to be careful in
striking planets that they fall into the orbits where the forfeitures
are small. By thus thinking of what he is about and exercising
forethought and prudence, he will soon become expert, and by paying
attention to the game he will make it his own.

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