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Lag Out Or Knock Out

Source: The Book Of Sports

This game is played by throwing a marble against the wall, which
rebounds to a distance. Others then follow; and the boy whose marble
strikes against any of the others is the winner. Some boys play the game
in a random manner; but the boy who plays with skill judges nicely of
the law of forces, that is, he calculates exactly the force of the
rebound, and the direction of it.

The first law of motion is, that everything preserves a state of rest,
or of uniform rectilineal (that is, straight, motion), unless affected
by some moving force.

Second law.--Every change of motion is always proportioned to the degree
of the moving force by which it is produced, and it is made in the line
of direction in which that force is impressed.

Third law.--Action and reaction are always equal and contrary, or the
mutual action of two bodies upon each other are always equal and
directed to contrary parts.

To illustrate the first of these laws,--a marble will never move from
the ground of itself, and once put in motion, it will preserve that
motion until some other power operates upon it in a contrary direction.

With regard to playing Lag Out so as to win, you must further understand
the principle of reflected motion. If you throw your marble in a
straight line against the wall, you find that it comes back to you
nearly in a straight line again. If you throw it ever so slightly on one
side, or obliquely, it will fly off obliquely on the opposite side. If
you throw the marble from the point C to the point B, it will fly off in
the direction of the point A, and if a marble lay there it would hit it;
but if you threw it from the point D, you would stand no chance.


In science, the angle C, B, D, is called the angle of incidence, and D,
B, A, is called the angle of reflection.

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