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High Windows

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_10 to 30 or more players._

_Playground; gymnasium._

All of the players but one join hands in a circle. The odd player in
the center runs around on the inside of the circle and hits one of the
players with a wisp of grass, if the game be played out of doors, or
tags him if played indoors. Both players then run out of the circle,
it being the object of the player who was tagged to catch the odd
player before he can run three times around the outside of the ring.
As the runner completes his third time around, the players in the
circle cry "High Windows!" and raise their clasped hands to let both
of the players inside. Should the one who is being chased succeed in
entering the circle without being tagged, he joins the circle and the
chaser takes his place in the center. Should the chaser tag the
pursued before he can circle the ring three times and dodge inside at
the close, the chaser returns to the circle and the one caught goes
again into the center.

It is permissible to vary the chase by running away from the immediate
vicinity of the circle. Should the chase then become too long, the
circle players may call "High Windows!" as a signal for the runners to
come in. This call is made at the discretion of a leader, whether he
be one of the circle players appointed for that purpose, or a teacher.

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