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Cat And Mouse

Source: Games For All Occasions

All players form a ring, joining hands, except one called the Mouse,
whom they enclose within the circle, and one who is on the outside who
represents the cat. They then dance around, raising their arms at
intervals. The cat watches the chance to spring into the circle at one
side, and the mouse dashes out at the other--public sympathy being with
the mouse, his or her movements are aided when possible. When the cat is
in the circle, the players lower their arms so as to keep the enemy
prisoner. The cat goes around meekly, crying "mew," while the rest dance
around her. With a sudden "miaou!" she tries to break through any weak
place in the chain of hands.

As soon as she escapes she tries to catch the mouse, who runs for safety
into the ring again, hotly pursued. If the cat is so near as to follow
the mouse into the ring, before her entrance can be prevented, or if she
catches the mouse outside the circle, the mouse must pay a forfeit. Two
more players are then named by the cat and mouse to succeed them.

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