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Source: The Book Of Sports

Bonce-Eye is played by each player putting down a marble within a small
ring, and dropping from the eye another marble upon them so as to drive
them out, those driven out being the property of the Boncer.

The law of falling bodies may be well illustrated by this game. It is
one of the laws of motion, that the velocities of _falling bodies_ are
in proportion to the space passed over; and the space passed over in
each instant increases in _arithmetical progression_, or as the numbers
1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

/ 3
/ 5 5
/55 5
/ 7 7 7
/77 7 7

By the annexed diagram it will be seen, that if a marble fall from the
hand at A, when it reaches B it has only the quantity of velocity or
force expressed in the angle 1; but when it passes to C, it has the
quantity expressed in the three angles 3; when it passes to D, it has
the quantity expressed in the angle 5; when it passes to E, it has the
quantity expressed by the seven angles marked 7. Thus we may understand
why a tall boy has a better chance at Bonce-Eye than a short one.

It is found by experiment, that a body falling from a height moves at
the rate of 16-1/12 feet in the first second; and acquires a velocity of
twice that, or 32-1/6 feet, in a second. At the end of the next second,
it will have fallen 64-1/3 feet; the space being as the square of the
time. The square of 2 is 4; and 4 times 16-1/12 is 64-1/3; by the same
rule, it will be found, that in the third second it will fall 144-3/4
feet; in the fourth second, 257-1/3; and so on. This is to be
understood, however, as referring to bodies falling where there is no
air. The air has a considerable effect in diminishing their velocity of

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