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All Up Relay

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_10 to 60 or more players._

_Playground; gymnasium; schoolroom._

The players are divided into two or more groups of like numbers which
compete against each other. The different groups line up in single
file behind a starting line drawn on the ground. Directly in front of
each team, at the opposite end of the running space (which should be
from twenty to fifty feet long), are drawn two circles, each three
feet in diameter, and placed side by side, with rims touching. In one
of the circles of each pair three Indian clubs are placed.

On a signal, number one of each file runs forward and with one hand
only, changes the clubs from one circle to the other. Each club must
be made to stand, and none must touch the outline of the circle. As
soon as each player finishes this, he runs back to his file, touches
the next player on the hand, and passes off, back of the line. The
second player should be waiting for this "touch-off" with toe on the
starting line and hand outstretched.

This second player, on receiving the touch-off, runs forward to the
circles and changes the clubs from the second ring back to the first,
observing the same rules of procedure. Each player, in turn does this,
the file winning whose last player is first to dash over the starting
line on his return.

This is a very popular game for athletic contests, especially
for younger girls. When used in this way, an especially careful
observation should be kept for fouls by official judges. One
foul is scored against a team for (_a_) each time a runner
starts over the line without the "touch-off"; (_b_) each time
both hands are in play at once in changing the clubs; (_c_)
each club that is not replaced after falling; (_d_) each club
that is left standing anywhere but within the circle for which
it was intended. When played thus, according to strict athletic
rules, the teams win in the order of finishing plus the
smallest score on fouls. Thus, if team A finishes first with
six fouls, team B finishes second with four fouls, and team C
finishes third with no fouls, team C wins, being given first
place, team B second place, and team A third place.

Teams Order of Finishing Number of Fouls Order of Winning
A 1 6 3
B 2 4 2
C 3 0 1

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