Hand Over Head Bean Bag
_10 to 60 players._ _Schoolroom._ This is a relay pas...

Balloon Race
An inflated rubber balloon and a palm leaf fan must be provid...

Give each guest a slip of paper, folded, containing words w...

Riven Hearts.
Another way of securing partners for the evening is as foll...

Old Hen And Chickens
Choose a leader to be the old hen, who goes out of the room. ...

Stride Ball
(Straddle Club) _10 to 100 players._ _Playground or g...

Hen Roost
_5 to 30 or more players._ _Parlor; schoolroom._ Each...

On the sixth of January, Twelfth Night was celebrated in th...

A Dinner For Historic Celebrities

Source: Games For All Occasions

The Guests

1. He who refused the crown of England.--Cromwell.

2. The conqueror of Napoleon I.--The Duke of Wellington.

3. He who escaped from his foes by reversing his horse's shoes.
--Israel O. Putnam.

4. He who owed his good fortune to his cat.--Dick Whittington.

5. The inventor of printing.--Guttenberg.

6. The captive king whose hiding place was discovered by his
troubadour.--Richard Coeur de Leon.

7. A sly one.--Fox.

8. The kernel of the peach.--Pitt.

9. Minister to George II.--Walpole.

10. The author of Poor Richard's Almanac.--Benjamin Franklin.

The Menu

1. Soup--The mainstay of the Chinese. Rice.

2. Fish--A color. Blue Fish.

3. Roast--The pride of Old England. Roast Beef.

4. Vegetable--A porridge and an apartment. Mushroom.

5. Game--A nut cracker.--Squirrel.

6. Salad--Part of a house and a letter. Celery.

7. Pudding--A summer residence. Cottage.

8. Cake--What variety gives to life. Spice.

9. Fruit--From an historic tree. Cherries.

10. Wine--The kind of invitation one likes to receive. Cordial.

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