The players sit in a circle and one of them asks the others: "What's

my thought like?" One player may say: "A monkey"; the second: "A

candle"; the third: "A pin"; and so on. When all the company have

compared the thought to some object, the first player tells them the

thought--perhaps it is "the cat"--and then asks each, in turn, why it

is like the object he compared it to.

"Why is my cat like a monkey?" is asked. The other player might

answer: "Because it is full of tricks." "Why is my cat like a candle?"

"Because its eyes glow like a candle in the dark." "Why is my cat like

a pin?" "Because its claws scratch like a pin."

Any one who is unable to explain why the thought resembles the object

he mentioned must pay a forfeit.


Two hazel-nuts are thrown into hot coals by maiden, who secretly gives

a lover's name to each. If one nut bursts, then that lover is

unfaithful; but if it burns with steady glow until it becomes ashes,

she knows that her lover is true. Sometimes it happens, but not often,

that both nuts burn steadily, and then the maiden's heart is sore


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