"The Red Coats"

Divide the group into two equal teams. One team is called the farmers,

the other the red coats. A goal is marked off on the ground in the form

of a hollow square large enough to contain all the members of one of

the teams.

All of the red coats take a position inside of the goal with eyes

closed while the farmers hide. After sufficient time has been given to

the farmers to hide, the red coats are released and each seeks to

discover a farmer. Upon being discovered the hiding farmer must remain

in his hiding place until tagged by the red coat then they both race

back to the goal. The first one to cross the goal line becomes a farmer

and the other a red coat in the next hiding. After returning to the

goal both farmer and red coat must remain therein until all of the

farmers have been discovered. If the last red coats find it difficult

to locate the hiding farmers they can call to their assistance such

other red coats as they may need, in which case the red coat first

discovering the farmer points him out to that red coat who enlisted his

help, thereupon said red coat tags the farmer and races with him to the


After all of the farmers have been discovered those who are to be

farmers in the next round hide and the game goes on as before.

In case two red coats discover the same farmer the one first tagging

him shall count and shall race with him for the goal. In case the red

coat discovers more than one farmer he may choose the one he wishes to

tag, but he is not to disclose the other to another red coat.

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