"Paul Revere Race"

The group is divided into teams of from 8 to 15 each. These teams are

placed on the field in parallel columns of file with a distance of 10

feet between each team. The players on each team are then arranged in

the line at a distance of from 10 to 20 feet apart. The lightest member

of each team is selected as the rider for that team and takes his

position behind the player at the back end of his line.

At the signal to start he leaps upon the back of the last man who

carries him forward to the next man of his team in front of him in the

line, and the rider must change from the back of the first steed to the

back of the second without touching the ground. The second steed

carries him to the third, and he is passed on from steed to steed until

he reaches the last steed at the end of the column who carries him

across a finish line. The first Paul Revere to cross the line wins the

game for his team.

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