Your House, My House

A piece of string about three feet long is tied to the end of a slender

stick of about the same length. A slip knot is tied in the end of the

string. A loop about two inches in diameter is made with the slip knot

on the top of the table. All of the players excepting the one holding

the stick then place the point of their index fingers on the table

within the loop. The one holding the stick, as a fish pole says, "Your

house" or "My house". If he says "My house", he jerks the stick

endeavoring to capture the forefinger of any of the players. He does

not jerk the stick when he says "Your house". He endeavors to fool the

others by saying abruptly, "Your house", several times before saying

"My house" and pulling the string. The player avoiding being caught

next takes the stick.

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