Half of the company are blindfolded. They are led to a row of chairs

arranged in the middle of the room, each sitting so there is a vacant

chair behind him.

The other half, who are not blindfolded, very quietly take the vacant

chairs and sit perfectly still.

The leader then announces that those not blindfolded are to sing when

he gives the signal, and the blindfolded ones, who are to remain

still, must listen attentively to their right hand neighbor and guess

who he is.

Some familiar tunes must be chosen and the singers can disguise their

voices if they choose. The leader begins by playing the tune on the

piano and when he says "Sing," the victim singers begin while the

blind victims listen.

One verse of the song will be enough for this medley and those whose

voices have been recognized, exchange places with the blindfolded

ones, while the others remain in the same place until the listener has

guessed who he is. The game then goes on as before.

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