Who Is It?

A sheet is hung up in a doorway. The group is divided into two teams.

One group goes behind the sheet. A small hole is cut in the sheet. The

members of the group behind the sheet take turns in sticking their

noses through the hole in the sheet. The group on the inside attempts

to guess whose nose protrudes through the sheet in the order in which

they are exhibited. One member of the group behind the sheet keeps a

record of the order in which individuals of that group display their

noses, so that this can be checked up with the guesses of the other

team. After all the noses have been displayed the group returns to its

place in the room and listens to the guesses.

Then the other group goes out and they display their noses. The group

making the largest number of correct guesses wins.

A modification of this game is made by showing the eye through the hole

in the sheet instead of the nose, and the group in front of the sheet

endeavors to guess whose eye it is.

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