Weavers Race

A group forms a circle which is counted off by 2's. The Number 1's in

the circle constitute team A, and the Number 2's team B. Two captains

stand side by side in the circle. Each holds a small stick. At a signal

to go both start racing in opposite directions around the circle, going

to the rear of the first player, to the front of the second, to the

rear of the third, etc., weaving their way in and out. When they meet

at the further side of the circle they must join hands and spin around

once in the circle before continuing to weave their way back and forth

from the point in the circle from which they left. Thereupon number 1

of A team tags the next player on his team in the direction in which he

ran. Number 1 of B team tags the next one on his team who starts in the

direction in which the first ran. The race continues until everyone in

the team has completed his run around the circle in the required way.

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