Place three bowls on a table, one containing clear water, another

soapy or muddy water, and the third one empty.

Blindfold the players one at a time, and lead them to the bowls,

(whose positions are changed each time) to put their fingers in one of


If a player touches the clear water, he will be happily married; if

the soapy water, he will marry a widow; and if he puts his finger in

the empty bowl, he will never marry.

For knowing the occupation of the future one, there are several

ways. Articles suggestive of different trades may be buried in flour,

and the players in turn take a spoonful out of the dish and see what

they can find. If not successful the first time, they may have a

second trial.

Another way is to melt lead and then drop in into cold water, and the

form it takes will suggest the trade of the future husband. Sometimes

the forms are intricate, but if they suggest any trade, that is the

real one. If it flattens out and looks like a book, an author will be

the fate; if in tiny pieces, like particles of dirt, a farmer will be

suggested, and so on.

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