It will require two people who know this game to be in the secret. One

of them leaves the room while his confederate remains inside with the

others. He hides an article which the rest of the players have

selected, in an adjoining room which is totally dark, placing a watch

with a moderately loud tick, either on, or as near to the hidden

object as he can. The rest of the players must not know anything about

the watch, as they are kept guessing how the player who is out,

succeeds in finding the hidden article in the dark room.

When everything is ready, the one outside is called in, led into the

dark room, and hunts for the object. The rest must remain very quiet,

as it breaks the "charm," so the leader says. Guided by the ticking of

the watch, and knowing that it is there, he soon discovers the hidden

object to the surprise of the others.

He and his confederate may take turns going out and after a while, if

the company are very quiet, one of them might hear the watch ticking

and the trick is disclosed.

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