Walking Race

See clock games above.

At the signal to go, the number 6 man steps out of his place in the

circle and walks to the right around the circle, until he gets back to

the point in the circle he left, and tags off the Number 5 man on his

team, and this man walks around the circle. This means that all the

Number 5 men from all the different teams are walking around the

outside of the circle in a race, at the same time. Numbers 4, 3, and 2

follow in turn after 5. Number 2, after completing the circle, tags off

Number 1, the captain of the team, wearing a sash. The captain walks

about the circle until he gets to the hole in the circle which he left,

enters through the hole, bringing his sash to the leader, who stands in

the centre of the ring. The first sash to reach the leader decides the

winner of the race.

A running race can be substituted for the walking race and various

modifications used, such as backward walking, hopping, frog leap, etc.

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